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Importance of Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots are often ignored set of gear which is given least or no importance while riding a motorcycle. According to a report, 30 % of injuries happen to legs or feet in case of an accident. This makes leg protection as an apex priority. Following are 4 reasons which explain the importance of wearing Riding Boots:


The obvious purpose of motorcycle boots is to protect the rider's legs from crash or high impact. Boots are made up of reinforced materials to protect your feet from twisting and rolling in case of an unfortunate event.

Riding boots are different from the regular shoes that we use every day. Using normal shoes while riding is not advised.

Provide Traction

When you lose control while riding, the person automatically sticks out legs to attain stability. In this case, motorcycle boots provide excellent traction as compared to other regular shoes.

Thus providing excellent grip especially during rain or wet surface

Vibration Resistance

Generally, High-quality rubber sole is used in these boots which are very helpful in vibration damping.

This makes it suitable for long rides and also reduce tiredness.

Weather Protection

Motorcycle boots come with various weather protection features such as waterproof suitable for rainy season riding. Breathable boots or shoes are preferred in hot climate region.


High-quality material increases the durability and longevity of the boots which makes a good investment option for your safety.

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