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Top 3 Unique Motorcycle Helmets

We all know the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding a motorcycle. It not only protects you but also enhances your riding experience. Along with safety, riders look for the design and shape of the cool helmets before buying one. There are many shapes and designs available in the market. According to popularity, we are listing top 3 cool motorcycle helmets to buy in 2020:

Cat Motorcycle Helmet:

Do you want to look unique and stand out from the crowd? This is the best among other womens motorcycle helmets. Cat motorcycle helmet is one of the popular helmets trending all over the globe designed especially for female riders.

Made from high strength ABS shell, protects your head from high impacts. Light-weight design reduces neck pain and makes it easy to carry around. The multi-density EPS safety buffer layer offers state-of-art energy absorption.

Intake and exhaust ports ensure ventilation inside the helmet to keep you cool from inside. Removable and washable liner to keep you away from allergies. With all these features, the cat motorcycle helmet seems a great choice for any female motorcycle rider.

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet:

Iron man motorcycle helmet is another popular helmet among male as well as female riders. Its unique design just like the iron man's face shield makes it attractive and trendy. Its modular feature makes it even more attractive and I bet you cannot stop yourself from buying one.

The helmet comes with a convertible helmet (Full face & half face) suitable for the daily commute or long rides. UV protective visor improves the rider’s visibility along with protection from harmful sun rays. These types of helmets don’t compromise with the safety,iron man helmets are available with DOT or ECE standard certification. This helmet provides an opportunity to become an iron man on the motorcycle.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet:

If you want to take your style to another level then a predator motorcycle helmet is the helmet for you. With increasing popularity in North America and Europe, this helmet has become the talk of the town. It is the top-ranked cool full-face motorcycle helmet on the web. Its design and features make it the most popular helmet.

It is made from hard shell light-weight ABS material with DOT certification. Predator motorcycle helmets also come with additional cool features like visors that are scratch-proof, glare, and fog-resistant.  LED lights at the back of the helmet make it safer in the dark.