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Top 5 Best Heated Motorcycle Riding Gloves For Winter / Cold Weather Season [Updated]

Our top 5 picks are stylish and waterproof and suitable for the beginner as well as experienced riders and for all genders. Also, all these options are perfect fit for the fashionista, the winter athlete, as well as for regular motorcycle riders all while keeping your hands warm and dry. Furthermore, they are. With our wide range of durable, stylish, and warm winter motorcycle gloves, you will not only look your winter best, but you will also start to have a newfound appreciation for the magical winter season. 

Winter reminds many people of Christmas, hot cocoa, thick blankets, heaters, boots, woolen clothes, and so on. But when on the ride, hitting the road with your favorite motorcycle, winter motorcycle gloves are of utmost importance. Once your hands are warm and toasty, you will be a bit more responsive towards the magic of winter. Imagine this scenario – you are covered head to toe with warm clothing, but you do not have motorcycle gloves on and there is a sudden gush of cold air that hits you. But you cannot shake off the cold. Would not you have preferred wearing motorcycle gloves that would have kept you warm during this unfortunate time? 

So, instead of wasting your time dreading the approaching cold weather, start shopping for your favorite winter gloves and other motorcycle safety gear. Thanks to the onset of online shopping, you do not have to brave the cold weather to shop for your requirements. You can shop for winter gloves online and so much more.

Snow and cold-wind make the winter motorcycling challenging. Although we can make it awesome with some right motorcycle gears. With right gears even cold days riding can be comfortable and totally doable.

The aim of this article is to inspire winter season riding. Picking the right gear especially cold weather motorcycle gloves can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss the best winter motorcycle gloves for 2021. We have picked top 5 gloves suitable for the winter season based on features and user reviews:

1. Duhan Windproof Motorcycle Gloves with Thermostat Heater

Duhan Windproof Warm Motorcycle Gloves are specially designed for cold-wind protection making it warm and cozy inside. Hard knuckle guard, silicone finger protector, and multi-layer palm protection to protect your hands from impact and abrasion.

Excellent grip and adjustable wristband improve comfortability. Touch screen function allowing you to use your mobile phone, no need to remove gloves on cold days.

These gloves also come with a battery-operated heated thermostat for each glove with a charger for extremely cold weather conditions. This is also a water repellent glove.

This glove is a perfect choice for the one who wants to take an adventure to the next level and it is also suitable for long rides.

Shop Now: Duhan Windproof Motorcycle Gloves

2. Scoyco Gloves DX-32

Scoyco warm motorcycle gloves

This glove is specially designed for winter use. Made from polyester and nylon material which blocks cold winds keeping your hands warm and cozy. 

Carbon fiber knuckle protectors safeguards your knuckles from impact. Waterproof features also makes it suitable for riding in the rain. You can easily use any touch screen device with this glove on without removing it.

Scoyco Gloves DX-32 enhances riding experience along with it's unique and cool design. This makes the glove an excellent choice for the winter riding.

Buy it now: Scoyco Gloves DX-32

3. Benkia Leather Gloves

 Benkia Leather Gloves

Benkia leather warm motorcycle Gloves is known for its sleek design and cold wind protecting feature. Shell protectors give protection to the knuckles against sudden impact.

This glove is made from leather material which is an excellent material to protect your hands from cold winds. Leather material is also known for its durability.

Good grip and flexibility offer comfort while riding makes it a great choice for winter riding.

Get here now: Benkia Leather Gloves

4. Scoyco Full Gauntlet Gloves MC-82


Waterproof and windproof feature suitable for Winter and Rainy season. It offers excellent grip along with carbon fiber hard knuckle protectors. Strong yet comfortable fabric makes it durable.

This glove provides a touch screen feature so that you can use your phone easily. This glove is suitable for every rider which prefers protection against the wind as well as rain cold weather motorcycle gloves.

All these features makes this glove an excellent choice for enjoying your winter ride.

Buy it here: Scoyco Gloves MC-82

5. Masontex best winter motorcycle gloves

Masontex Winter Motorcycle Gloves with the windproof and waterproof feature protects you from cold wind and rain. Hard TPU shells for knuckles and finger protection.

Inner soft and flexible cotton material keeps warm and cozy. The touch screen feature allows you to use your phone without taking it off. The excellent grip offers excellent handling best heated motorcycle gloves.

Buy this glove: Masontex Winter Motorcycle Gloves

6. Scoyco Full Gauntlet Gloves

Scoyco Full Gauntlet Gloves provide full protection to the rider's hand in case of sudden crash or fall. 

Hardshell knuckle protectors with high impact resistance help to avoid fractures and joint damage. This glove offers excellent protection against cold winds.

Excellent grip and material for comfortable fitting to avoid fatigue and distraction while riding.Enhanced touch screen feature so that you can use your phone easily.

Shop Now: Scoyco Full Gauntlet Gloves

*. Motorcycle Protective Waterproof Gloves

If you are looking for a stylish and lightweight yet durable then this glove is for you. Made up of Nylon twill water repellent fabric keeps your hand dry and warm. Comfortable warm inner cloth resist cold wind keeping you comfortable.

It has a Palm stereo drop protection shell has a better absorption foam which has a better protective effect as compared to general shock absorption foam. Touch screen feature makes it easy to operate any touch screen devices. It has a reflective linings for safety in the dark. This glove offer more features at a low price making it a budget friendly option.

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*. Masontex Windproof & Waterproof Gloves


Attractive and unique design makes this glove a popular choice for riders. Comes with Waterproof and windproof feature suitable for rainy and winter season. Consists of Hard shell protectors to safeguard knuckles with additional thumb side protectors. 

Has a Strong grip with excellent material for comfortable fitting to avoid fatigueness while riding. This glove is for all the genders and is suitable for newbies as well as experienced riders. 

This glove is extremely durable and is a good option for investment. Provides double advantage: Unique look and excellent protection that to at a reasonable price.

Shop now: Masontex Windproof & Waterproof Gloves

*. Duhan Winter Riding Gloves


Simple yet flexible design makes this glove special. This glove is specially designed for riding in the cold weather. Wind resistant material resist cold winds from entering. Inner soft fabric makes keep your hands warm and cozy. 

Strong knuckle protector safeguards your knuckles along with padded protection to the fingers. Abrasion resistance material protects palm from cuts, gravel rash, and and other damages.

Stretchable length adjustment which extends wind protection above the wrist. It is light-weight makes it easy to carry and reduces stress on your hand. It is suitable for men and women riders.

Shop Now: Duhan Winter Riding Gloves

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